Ground Floor

 floor plan

All the floor plan illustrations on this site  are drawn approximately to scale,including the wall thicknesses which vary from app 600mm to 850mm apart from new stud walling at 75mm to 100mm. The room sizes are marked in metres,all sizes are approximate.


Entrance Hallway

The front door opens to the hallway with the door to the kitchen on the immediate right,and the lounge to the left.
At the far end of the corridor is access to the extensive "cave" with a soil floor on the left,a downstairs wc at the centre and a door on the right to a utility room.
The oak and chestnut staircase leads to the first floor bedrooms and bathroom.

Entrance Hallway

The view towards the split arched front door  with its heavy oak construction and substantial door bolts and bars.

Utility room entrance

The door in the lobby leading  to the utility room with its exposed limestone frame and large oak lintel.

Cave Entrance

The door in the lobby leading a few steps down  to the vaulted "cave". An ideal environment to store your french wine!


The view from the hallway door of the spacious  and bright lounge.
The room has a superb limestone fireplace and a large wood burner.
Exposed adze cut oak beams span across the 6m width.
Mounted on one of the beams is a shaped piece of wood with a hole through it,reportedly used centuries ago to tie ribbons on for children to dance with.


The lounge as viewed from the fireplace,the door leading to the hallway,and opposite the door to the kitchen.

Dining room

One view of the dining room,the original kitchen to the building in the late 1400's. The door at the rear leads to a later addition to the building used as a scullery.
Currently used as a storeroom it would make an ideal supplementary kitchen.

Dining room

Another view of the dining room showing the massive limestone fireplace complete with some original cooking irons.
The door leads to the spiral staircase that gives access to the next two floors.


View of the large kitchen from hallway entrance.The carved stone fireplace houses a villager wood burning stove that supplies heating to the upstairs radiators.Doors lead to the rear lounge and the larder.

Kitchen diner

Site Plan

​House, ground floor                                                                    
​House,1st floor                                           
Top floor                                      

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