Grounds and seasonal views.

Buildings plan

An approximate scale drawing of the buildings relative to each other and the pool.

Satellite image

Google earth shot of the property.Once a complete estate the property is now divided into three
The property perimeter is outlined in red,and is approximately one hectare(2 1/2 acres)
The farm buildings to the lower right of the Fougere grounds are uninhabited farm buildings.
The building to the left is our neighbour,(the rectangular white patch is their tennis court).
As you can see from the google earth satellite map,the Logis is set in the midst of open agricultural land,providing variable seasonal views and large open skies with magnificent sunsets.


The gardens at the rear of the property are laid mainly to grass but have a variety of trees including fruit trees. There are several species of apple tree,pear,cherry fig and plum. The front garden has plum and mulberry,cherry and other  shrubs and trees.


Crop rotation gives ever changing views

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet chestnut tree,damaged by lightning but still cropping well





Site Plan

​House, ground floor                                                                    
​House,1st floor                                           
Top floor                                    

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​ House 2                                        
 House 3